Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun times at Tesco!

I was wandering around tesco and found a few things I felt were worth sharing :)


The first here is an elcipse lunchbox/easter thing lol I do believe it was for easter but as for its contnts I didn't really check. They look very creepy on the cover like overly photoshopped creepy. Now onto the important detail of my tesco trip:

HELLO KITTY!!! Yes Hello Kitty at onl 10 euros reduced from 28 euros. She is the cutest thing I've seen in Tescos and of course beyond. I'm assuming its done for easter. *Facepalm* Of course you would have guessed that for yourselves. I do believe the bunny ears gave that away. 






This I found near the shampoos and is the craziest kids shampoo I've seen so far. Da Muffin!!!


Now come on I love Toy Story but look at how suggestivly Buzz is being. Bananas, really Buzz! God I've such a filthy mind :P


And of course Mickey Mouse eating spaghetti out of a bowl shaped like his own head. It's cute though the "hidden vegtable sauce" is making me wonder what else Mickey's hiding from that smiling kid.


Cupcake madness! I don't care how squashed this looks like or most likely is it sounds so tasty! Just read the name you can't say that doesn't sound good :D


I found the following dolls in a reduced pile and I love the Alice in wonderland one. It's so cute and at half prce at 9 euro totally worth the price.


I like the Snow White version too but nothing beats my love of Alice in Wonderland.

And thats all folks for my trip round Tesco. Have any of you done this before in supermarket. If not you should its quite fun finding new things.

If you do try this send me a link to your blog page. I'd love to hear what you find in your local supermarkets!

Aimee Absinthe



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