Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Twins Store!

The very first Little Twins store has opened in Yokohama, Japan last month!

Visitors can find the latest Little Twin Stars goodies at the cute little shop in the fashionable Minato Miral District. The shop is named after Kiki & Lala’s hometown, the Star of Compassion in the Galaxy of Dreams!

What do you think of it? I adore the Little Twin Stars. Super cute! I want to go!

Aimee Absinthe


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silent Moon New Moitie Print

The print will come in a long onepiece, a short onepiece, and a jumperskirt (the jumperskirt is listed twice, so maybe two styles?). The colors are whitexblack, whitexblue, whitexgold, whitexsilver, blackxwhite, blackxblue, blackxsilver, and blackxgold.

I'm not a big Moite fan but are you?

What do you think of the new print?


Aimee Absinthe


PS A link to his blog:


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aiden "Hysteria"

Aiden have released a new music video from their album "Disguises". I was hoping for a music video for Walk Amoung the Dead but I love this song too so fingers crossed for the next video.

I love this video, but what do you think of it?

Watch below and comment and let me know.



Aimee Absinthe



Claudia, The Fairytale Princess Series Update!

Princess Claudia is a bibliophile and a daydreamer... She is the epitome of a fairy tale heroine. ♪


The gentle heart of a princess
Trembles deep in the wood.
Noble hunter stays his eager blade
Conceives the snowy miss.
Ne'er a heartless Queen's vanity
Shall smother innocence,
For the Mirror knows foremost
The maid who is the fairest.



Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess OP Set - $494 +tax




Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Headbow - $58 +tax



Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Cuffs - $42 +tax



Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Choker- $42 +tax




So what do you think of it?


I think its cute and would be great in a fairytale photoshoot.


Though I couldn't imagine wearing it daily. How about you?


Aimee Absinthe




Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Guy Moving To The UK

There is going to be an english "version" of Family Guy in the U.K. Channel 4 is making a simialr show called Happy Families.

Comedy Commissioning Editor Nerys Evans said:

“The combination of slick American animation with quintessentially British humour gives Happy Families a really distinctive feel. Not only is the dialogue laugh-out-loud funny, it’s packed with fantastic celebrity cameos and satirical swipes at every turn."

Edgar, a put upon wage slave, works for his self obsessed, borderline-evil Father-In-Law Ken Lavender. Married to houseproud wife Wendy, they are parents to three very different children, freaky weirdo Dusty, amiable idiot Jason and highly strung ‘Emo’ Eve.

I think it sounds like it could be good though until I see the animation I shall hold my opinon.

How about you? What do you think of this? Are you looking forward to it?

The one plus for me is that it will be on an ctual tv channel I do have!

The artwork comes via the talented hand of Alex Scarfe, and is animated by LA-based Rough-Draft, the company behind Family Guy, Futurama and The Simpsons Movie.

Voice Cast includes the Bafta-award-winning Kayvan Novak (Facejacker), Simon Greenall (Alan Partridge), Rosie Cavaliero (Jam and Jerusalem), Lucy Montgomery (Bellamy’s People) and Darren Boyd (Whites).

Let me know what you think via the comments!

Aimee Absinthe



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lolita KompleX - Dance With Me [PV]

I adore Lolita as many people can clearly guess from my blog. When I discovered this band from EGL I immediatly fell in love. The song is very catchy and I love the video. Go Milky Berry!

How about you? What do you think of?

I think it's great and would love to see more bands wearing Lolita. 

Leave a coment and let me know what you like about the song and video?




Aimee Absinthe


Panic! At The Disco & Fun.: C'mon (AUDIO)

Panic! At the Disco have released their new single, a collab with Fun. The song is called "C'mon"

Give it a listen and let me know you think. I love it and will probably love it even more as I give it a few more goes.


Anyone get their new album "Vices and Virtues". I haven't got it yet so let me know what you think of it? What's it like compared to their previous albums?

Aimee Absinthe



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's new?

First Look At Tintin Posters!

Yes that's right Tintin is being made into a movie!




Here is the very first look at the posters promoting the Steven Spielberg directed and Peter Jackson produced, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. The first pic is the international poster, while the second will be released in the United States. Starring Jamie Bell in the title role, the film was shot in motion capture 3D and is set to be released this Christmas. The digital animation looks pretty cool and we are betting on a three dimensional visual treat this holiday season! Do you want to see Tintin?

Seth McFarlane is planning on rebooting The Flintstones!

Seth MacFarlane has reportedly finalized a deal with 20th Century Fox TV and Warner Brothers Television to reboot The Flintstonesas both a TV and film property! Apparently, this has been the Family Guy creator's dream project, and it took YEARS for the negotiations between the studio bigwigs to reach their conclusion, as the rightholders to the sitcom were extremely concerned with how he'd re-interpret the series! No word yet on when Fred, Wilma, and the gang will make their 21st Century debut, but expect it to be on Fox! I'm very sure that he will do it justice and can't wait to see it.

How do you feel about this?

Patrick Stump Gives Final Message On Fall Out Boy

That's right Patrick comes clean about FOB!

Here's what he said on Friends or Enemies!

"All four of the members of Fall Out Boy have moved on to new projects, but questions from fans seem to never stop regarding their indefinite hiatus. Being tired of having been asked these questions repeatedly, Patrick Stump has given a final explanation of the current state of Fall Out Boy, his thoughts on doing a new record, and more. You can read his full statement below by clicking “Read More.” That quote is way taken out of context. As is the implication that I “Don’t want to do Fall Out Boy when I’m 40,” (which is literally not a quote of mine). All I meant by any of it is that I don’t want to wait until I’m 40 to do another Fall Out Boy record, and if it takes that long, then I won’t do one. I am confident that we’ll have a record out sooner than later but there are currently no plans, no “2 years,” no “6 years,” no parameters. It might happen later than any of that, it might happen sooner. It is literally, as it’s always been, an indefinite hiatus. We never did breakup, we’re still friends, and we still would like to make music together. That said, I’d like to formally put this issue to rest. I think I’ve talked about it enough in the past two years and if anything it’s silly talking about hypotheticals in detail. Who knows? I promise I will let everybody know as soon as there are concrete plans or if anything changes, but from here on until Fall Out Boy does have actual news, I’m going to just not talk about it. That’s not saying anything negative or sour about the ongoing appreciation of Fall Out Boy fans, I’m very honored to be a part of something that has such a dedicated audience, I’ll see all of you if/when the band works on a new record or tour. Until then though, I’m just gonna shut up about it and focus on Soul Punk and hopefully ongoing tour."

And that's all folks for the meantime!

Aimee Absinthe


Monday, May 16, 2011

Lolita Monday!

These are from the most recent updates on Daily Lolita!

The first features Angelic Pretty's Aqua princess! I think she worked it quite well in this coord as I myself wasn't a big fan of this print. I think she may have changed my mind slightly.

A bit of classic! I adored her 2nd dress and was stunned to discover it was handmade. I need to learn how to sew!

Another handmade beauty!

And sweet! I love Fantastic Dolly. I'm quite torn because I'm so very tempted by the replica :( But I want the real version so much. It's very beautiful.

And Gothic!

And yes back to sweet. Oh Angelic Pretty you shall be the death of me! I adore Milky Berry! Yet another print I'm very tempted to buy the replica of. Mainly due to the scare stories of it bleeding in the rain.



Thank you for watching another Lolita Monday!

Don't forget if you want to be featured just leave a comment or send me an email to

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