Saturday, May 14, 2011

Angelic Pretty Update! Dream Sky and Toy Fantasy!


This isGothic & Lolita BibleOriginal material is on pages advertisementDream SkyOffshoot Series

Doremi is a series of shooting has been printed chiffon fabric and fluffy Majikarumun
Cute pastel colored beads that are decorated with stars in places

Deployment Items
Dress, jumper, skirt, barrette, watermark Obani ☆, Sutashawaobani (repeat) is

Expand Color
Pink, saxophone, lavender, five different colors
And Toy Fantasy! I adore this.


Thank you for waiting
Released the day after tomorrowKERATo be published, original printsTOY FANTASYWe deliver a series of shots taken

This is sold in each store today and it is also published in the summer catalog distribution started, many people now look at the other

Her lying about the bear and the bunny 頬杖 inflate bubbles, playing with friends on the elephant and giraffe we ​​see you shining
The diagonal stripe skirt with polka dots
It is also lovely heart-shaped balloons

Deployment Items
Dress, jumper, skirt, hooded overalls, hood, headband, Obani

Expand Color
White × pink, pink × pink, Goldman Sachs × black × black

The blouse is also used to launch the race, this is
White × pink, white × Goldman, Sachs will be pink ×
What do you think of them? Personally I'm in love with Toy Fantasy!
Aimee Absinthe



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