Monday, May 9, 2011

Lolita Monday!

I've decided to dedicate each day to something therefore Monday shall be Lolita Monday where I rummage through Daily Lolita, Blogs and other online sources to find some awesome Lolitas for you. You can also submit your own picutures or recommend someone for Lolita Monday. At the end of the week I shall do a poll of the Monday Lolitas and we can have a weekly Lolita. Eventually I shall save each weekly Lolita and have a monthly poll.

Send in your request either through the comments or you can reach me at:

Thank you and on to Lolita Monday!

Let me know what you think of the pictures I picked. Also none of the below pictures belong to me. Let me know if you own any of the below pictures and whether or not you want me to use them. I totally understand and have no problem taking out your pictures.

First up




This is a very cute way of using black and white. I love her make up too. I wish I could put on make up so perfectly.

Milky Chan Love :D


I adore Milky Chan. That deer has stolen my heart and I would love to buy everthing with him on it. I have this print myself in brown (the OP version) so I'm a it biased when it comes to finding coords with him featured. It's quite a simple bittersweet corrd but that's what makes it so cute.

Milky Chan is my favourite print how about you?



A bit of Classic



I love classic lolita and this coord has become one of my favourites. It's quite elegant but also cute.


Back to sweet. I love this girls coords and I love it when she updates. Here are two are of her recent Sweet Coords!







One last Lolita. She updated recently with 5 coords. All of them being super adorable.







And that's it for my first Lolita Monday!


I do hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think of it and please do suggest anyone you know for next weeks Lolita Monday. Or even send me your pictures and details to


Thank you very much and hope to see you all soon with another post :D


Aimee Absinthe




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