Monday, April 11, 2011

Paradise Kiss movie full trailer

They have finally released the full trailer for the movie adaption of the manga/anime Paradise Kiss.

It's due out in Japan in My but so far no word on the subtitled version. It looks really good even if the crazy hair colours have been forgotton. I was also very delighted to see who was playing Hiroyuki Tokumori. Yusuke Yamamoto also appeared in a tv drama version of the manga Hina Kimi. I loved him in thay and I fan squeeled when I saw him in the trailer for Paradise Kiss.

Have any of you read or watched Paradise Kiss? The anime is quite good and funny. I liked the anime and the manga but the anime appealed to me more as it more colourful and longer. The manga at the moment can be quite expensive but I'm hoping when the movie comes out it will help drop down the price.

 Igarashi Shunji (D-BOYS) will play the role of Isabella (actual birth name, ‘Yamamoto Daisuke’). ‘Isabella’ is a transgendered character who identifies herself as a woman by dressing and acting like one. To prepare for the role, Shunji lost 8 kg., removed his facial hair through laser procedures, and learned how to act like a lady (as Isabella is very well-mannered, feminine person). Shunji revealed that he uses three false eyelashes on each eye. He also confessed, “I learned how hard it is to live as a woman through make-up and stuff, and to be honest, I almost got into it (to disguise in woman’s clothes).” ”Paradise Kiss” will also star Ohmasa Aya as ‘Sakurada Miwako‘ and Kaku Kento as ‘Nagase Arashi.


Here is the trailer


Is anyone else really excited about this? Do you think they did the characters justice?

Let me know what you think of the trailer.

Aimee Absinthe



  1. Oh no, it looks like they delolified Miwako! Not that I ever liked her anyway, at least in the anime-- ugh, her seiyuu's voice, it made me want to do violence upon the character's person.

    I wish they'd made the characters' outfits a bit, well, crazier. I suppose Igarashi Shunji's Isabella is keeping up the front and looking pretty awesome, but for the rest of them, it would have been nice to see them a little less... normal-looking. Ah, well! I suppose that happens when a film like this is made, it has to appeal to the mainstream viewers over the subculture ones.

  2. Yeah I was quite upset to see her without the pink hair and cute lolita style clothing. I wish they could of at least made her be more well her. It looks good, but fashion was the biggest point of this anime so I have no idea what's going to happen. Lets hope it turns out okay in the end :)