Friday, April 8, 2011

What am I reading now?

Every now and then I plan to update you about my reading adventures. I also want to start my own book club and if you want to join let me know as I'm starting an online one on facebook. I'll post the link here soon :P

Recently I finished a few books:

  • Kamikaze Girls
  • City of fallen angels

Well just two for the moment.

Kamikaze Girls, also known as Shimotsuma Monogatari is a book by Novala Takemoto.

It's a story about Momoko, a Sweet (yes Neo and other anime magazines, not gothic) lolita who befriends a yanki. I know theres a lot more to it than that but for the moment that's all I shall say. It's a very good book, a bit different than the movie adaption, but still very good. I would recommend it even to someone who had no idea what Lolita is.

And my most recent read:

City of fallen angels.

If you've read this series then I'm pretty sure you'l love this one. I love how they focus more on Simon though it made me want more Alex and Magnus parts. Maybe the next one will have them as more center characters :D

Heres the facebook group

Let me know what you've read or plan to read :D

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