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Brand: Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty!

The concept of Angelic Pretty is as follows

The brand was created back in 1979 and sells like BTSSB Sweet Lolita. Although it is at times regarded as more OTT than Baby and can often be foun being worn by:
  • Deco Lolita
  • Hime Lolita
  • Hime Gyaru
  • OTT Sweet Lolita
All of the Angelic Pretty stores are decorated mostly with pink which further shows the brand concept's connection to this colour and underlines the references to fairytale princesses.

Like Milky Planet has come alive!

Maki and Asuka are the designers of the brand.

The last two I found on livejournal (
Here are some of my favourite prints

Milky Chan of the Fawn OP

Awwwwwwwwww!! *coughcough*
I love this print soo much that it reduces me a pile of mush clearly unable to type properly. It's just perfect. My favourite of the colourways is the brownxpink. I also love the JSK version.

The second is the necklace version.

Wonder Cookie JSK

I love this print. It's just so cute. I myself own a replica version but hope one day to be able to own the brand version. I wasn't a big fan however of the OP though mainly down to the apron. But being positive I would use the apron separately when baking.

Milky Berry JSK

I do love AP's JSK's. Each of their prints are very cute. Though I fell in love with most of them I love what they did with Fantastic Dolly because it fel very much different from what they normally did. I will show my other 5 favourite prints in no particular order and we shall move on and see if I can find any I didn't.

Star Night Theater JSK (I loved the red and black versions too)

Milky Planet JSK (of course)
Wonder Party Bustier JSK

Fruits Parlor High Waist JSK

Fantastic Dolly JSK

And now on to 5 AP pieces that I repeat I did not like

Ribbon Doll Princess JSK

Now I just don't like it. The bow is quite cute but the way the skirt is done, it's just not my style. This is from 2009 just in case anyone thinks I'm staring at old pictures.

Princess in Love JSK

Okay 2009 again. I'm sorry but to me it looks like a unicorn puked bows onto what might have been an okay dress. It looks like they were place at random by a bow machine. If you got rid of the bows along the bottom of the the skirt section and from the chest it might have been okay.

Okay OP time

Block Check OP

I'm not a big fan of tartan in Lolita. Bu I just don't like this. Maybe it might have potential but I'm not seeing it. The bow is cute though. 2010 for this one.

Angelic Princess OP

God that Unicorn was busy puking up those bows. AP please calm down. I love bows so much but even this is too much for me. It might have had a chance if there were only one at the chest section and let that be it.
2007 for this one so I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Party Doll OP

I just found this to me soo boring. Also the bows... why AP can you get it soo right and get it soo wrong? I guess we all have our own faults. Ah 2010 for this one. :(

Anyway even with those faults I love AP soo much.

So what about you? What are your favourite AP JSK/OP/Skirts even?
What are your least favourites?
Let me know as I would love to hear some feeback. Do you agree or disagree with what I've chosen.

Till next time


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