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For this post I thought I'd talk a bit about brand. A lot of people love brand but you don't have to buy it to be lolita. I've heard a lot of people complain over and over again that they can't afford brand or even worse they think everyone hates the cheaper brands like bodyline and try to sound like they found it first or it's so "kawaii desu" why does no one understand?!1.

I'm going to start with my favourite brand and the brand that first got me into Lolita.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

The brand was first created back in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife, Fumiyo. The brand focuses mostly on Sweet Lolita but also has Pirate Lolita themed items (Alice and the Pirates).

Here are some examples of my favourite BTSSB clothes.

Red Riding Hood (Red Ridding Hood)

I love this OP in all of the colours offered (red, black, cream and pink) but the red is so stunning. And it makes me feel like Red Riding Hood  by just just looking at it.

Alice's Portrait Ribbon JSK.

Again I choose red because it's just stood out the most to me. It's again beautiful and I love the print.

Cinderella Jewellery Print JSK 2

A newer print from BTSSB (released just his year 2010) is another beautiful print (though I do know Baby isn't completly perfect as I will explain after my favourite prints)
I chose one of the lighter colours because I felt it did the print justice. A beautiful moment is captured on this print

The OP  is beautiful too, and I can imagine a Hime Lolita wearing it to a ball.

And of course I have to mention Alice and the Pirates.

Sleeping Beauty Print JSK

I love this print so much. I must have a thing for fairy tale prints.

Now the bad points of BTSSB (in my opinion anyway)

I know that these are old but I...oh my. I'm sure they are good quality but when I look at them I don't think that. I think ugly ita.

And here are some examples from 2008

So much lace *faints with shock* Well the one positive I could think of is at least they have good quality lace unlike cheaper versions.

So what about you? What are your favourite BTSSB OP/JSK?  And what are your least (or even hates!)?

My next post will be on Angelic Pretty.


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