Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit of Anarchy for 2011!

Punk Influence!

This is a continuation from what we saw last year. However instead of being a full trend this year it influences others. Punk has an ability toimpact on other trends e.g. Motorcycle Chic for 2011.

For 2011 instead of going full blown out with punk (in which you have a very high risk of looking like your cospalying Sid Vicious rather than being a rebel) try to incorporate it with other trends.

So what to wear then?

Try to use key points of the fashion and try not to over do them.


If worn correctly and not almost like you could hurt someone with your clothing then in my eyes you've got it right.

Heavy Boots

Another part of punk that is quite important.

Doc Martens!

I feel that if you customise some part of your outfit to me that's what punk was all about when it came out.

And finally we reach the Safety Pins! Another major punk component. Although more so DIY back in the day.

Although many of the people from the first wave of punk disagree with safety pins being part of the fashion.

Johnny Rotton is one of them, who insists that safety pins were originally incorporated for more practical reasons, for example, to remedy "the arse of your pants falling out". It was then taken on by fans of the band and people getting into the fashion and now is seen as a staple of punk.

And thats Punk for 2011. Although I would like to see more of it coming back.

So Farewell for now

Aimee Absinthe



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