Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mini Question Time!

I found this on LiveJournal and thought you might like to give it a try!

If it were up to you, what trend would you:

1.  Perpetuate forever:
2.  Kill off immediately:
3.  Raise like a zombie:
4.  Dance on the grave of:
5.  Jump on in a heartbeat:

((Or, if that's unclear:

1.  What current trend is your favorite?
2.  What current trend would you kill off?
3.  What past trend would you bring back?
4.  What old trend were you glad to see die?
5.  If you could start a trend, what would it be?))

1.  Perpetuate forever:
Dolly Kei and Mori Kei

I just love this style and love how you can bring them into Lolita.

2.  Kill off immediately:
Ita. I know it may never happen but omg do some people get it wrong.

Here's a link from one of my favourite blogs FYeahLolita. She shows you how not to be an ita.

3.  Raise like a zombie:
Mary Janes! I love them and own a pair that I love very much.

From the english brand T.U.K.

4.  Dance on the grave of:
Lolita and certain trends. Again I do reference FYeahLolita but she's awesome.

But omg Lolita and Visual Kei? So many people get both wrong but when together its just a mess waiting to happen. The one that scared me the most was manba and Lolita. I love Hime Lolita but manba and lolita is wrong. (This is an old post on daily lolita and not to be taken seriously but if it ever fully happened... lets think happy thought eh? :)

5.  Jump on in a heartbeat:
More pirate style. There is just something about Pirate Lolta that I love. Go Pirates of the Caribbean!

This is defo the best Pirate Lolita I've seen. (

Wow I found a lot more Pirate Lolita but there still needs to be more. Along with a bit of Steampunk of course :)

So what about you? I want to hear what you have to think about Lolita you like or hate.

So till next time Farewell

Aimee Absinthe



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