Friday, April 15, 2011

Time for a WTF update!

For any of you that read WTF Burando then this is just a repeat.

I was on the community recently and happened to come across a few new items.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

I adore Sailor Lolita and I would love to see more people wear what I think is a very cute form of Lolita. And then Baby comes along and ruins everything. This dress if were made by Bodyline with the cheapest lace you can think of would be absolutely dreadful but even made my one of my favourite brands doesn't help this dress either. Because of my love of the brand and style of lolita I really want this dress to be nice. I'm sure if one had the money you could help this dress be better. I hate satin bows, why Baby did you even think for a moment they would look nice! Now on to the postive and yes there is one. At least for me. I love the hat that comes with this collection. I know not many people would agree with me but I'm a sucker for cute hats.

What do you think of this? Is it as much of  hot mess as I believe it to be or maybe you like it? If so would you buy it?

It would be interesting to see it on a person. Though I'm really not convinced it would look better. Please Baby for the sake of Sailor Lolita you can do much better!



Oh Bodyline, just when we thought you couldn't get any worse you go ahead and prove us wrong.



I think I went into shock when I first discovered this. I love how the commenter's on the community compared it to aluminum foil you can use to store your leftcovers. You can even colour code everything! There's even two shades of silver.

What do you think of it? Obviously for me it can't be used in Lolita, though it does remind me of a conversation I had with a fellow lolita of what would happen if there was a space lolita genre. We'd have astronaut lolitas trying to find Milky Planet!

Aimee Absinthe


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  1. I often find Baby's photos never show how beautiful their pieces are in real life-- and I think it'd be sweet with a plain, old-school-esque coordinate! I'm not huge on that hat, though!

    That Bodyline skirt is just, I don't know who in their designing office sat down and thought "Hm, yes, I know. An aluminium foil skirt. That will be a hit!" o_O