Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Innocent World "Walkies"

Now being a lover of sweet prints I am accustomed to weird print names but Innocent World take the cake for their new print.

Walkies! When heard the name I just got an image of what I say to my dog when I take her for a walk. It's a cute print of Lolitas on a stroll through the countryside.





"This is the jumperskirt from the Walkies Print Series, with a cute design with a silhouette of little girls and animals going for a little walk. If you take a close look, you can see that the little girls are waring the Walkies Print Series♪ Please do go out with the Walkies Print Series like these little girls♪"


Cute animals are hiding in the bush of roses on the overknee socks from the Walkies Print Sereis.

Not only with the Walkies Print Series, but you can also coordinate it with a plain designed dress, and it will make your coordinate very cute♪ 


I really like it as its cute in a classic way. 

What do you think of it?

Let me know :D


Aimee Absinthe



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