Saturday, March 26, 2011

Recent WTF moments in Lolita

As I was going through the community recently I found some WTF moents I wanted to blog about. What do you think about this?


The first is one of the most recent ones, from the brand Emily Temple Cute. Normally I love what they do but it took me awhile to fugure this dress out. It looks as someone on wtfburando said


"like someone has taken a dress that is several sizes too small for them, put their head through the halter, and is wearing it like a necklace." That's probably the best description I found of it.




The next comes from Alice and the Pirates. Again normally a good brand I have no idea what they were thinking when they made this skirt. It just sreams awkward.

Now for BTSSB

This reminds me of Jesus Dimante gone extreamly wrong. Like they used very weird fabric, soft flannel type. A lolita grany.

And to end my rant Angelic Pretty telling us we aren't maids but american waitresses!



So what do you think of the above? Are they any Lolita items and went WTF? If so let me know?

Or do you disagree with me and own any of the above? If so I'd love to see your coords?


Aimee Absinthe




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